New Customised Mats For Your Workout 

THE ENNOIA MATS -> Lighter | Eco-friendly | Customized size.

Come discover the brand-new mats carefully selected for your workouts :

  • Super functional, the new mats are tailored as closely as possible to the needs of the workout.
    They are perfectly designed to bring balance, stability and comfort while you perform your moves.
  • The size of the mat allows to comfortably lay down during a floor exercise or on your step during a weight session. It also provides more space between participants during a class.

  • Stay Eco-friendly while excercising !                                                                                                  Its rubber material is more eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any chemicals (BPA free).                                                                                                                                                                          Our sustainable mats offer added comfort and protection to your everyday workouts!

Brand New Medicine Balls

Medecine balls come in a variety of weights as from 4kg.



Like other types of physical activity, regular participation in a medicine ball training program has the potential to positively influence many health and fitness measures. Medicine ball training can be used to:

  1. Develop explosive power and build body strength
  2. Enhance speed, movement accuracy for physical preparedness
  3. Provide versatile, full body workouts
  4. Improve rehabilitation effort after injuries
  5. Enhance socialisation skill and teamwork.

Medicine balls are one of the best choices for workout accessories. They can easily be added to your daily training routine. With this entertaining and refreshing tool, you can really spice up your workout routines.

Ready to start? 

Remember, if you need any help to choose the best weight workout, feel free to speak.