The Cardio Training Zone is at the top of the moderate-intensity exercise zone.



They give you great results and help put all parts of the body in motion, focusing on the arms and legs. This allows you to have a much more complete training. They are characterized by a single wheel at the front, which has the same function as a fan.

As pedaling increases in speed, it generates air resistance. This pushes you to use more strength. This feature gives you endless possibilities in terms of resistance.


Whether you are a beginner or a top athlete, rowing is a sport that  adapts to all body types and all physical conditions. The Rower is also made for all genders and age! Isn’t it fantastic? 

The injuries’ risks with the rower is minimal. Its strength and resistance are flexible and adjustable according to your state of mind and your objectives.

If you wish to tone up, lose weight, sculpt your body or even prepare for a swimming competition, it is the ideal tool for all sports’ profiles!


A plyometric exercise, which requires exerting force to jump so as to increase speed and strength, which is not considered as a sport apart.

It is a more than useful addition to another vey specific type of training such as crossfit, body building , weight training and many more.

It brings many functional benefits including fitness, and is a very recommended exercise to improve your performance as well as optimizing the benefits of the discipline on your body.



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