eBiody allows you to go further than just the kilos on the scale by showing that at a constant weight, you can gain muscle mass while losing fat!  

The scientific approach to body composition allows you to organize a coherent personalized program, to set achievable goals and to maintain a source of motivation and satisfaction thanks to the results. 

The measuring device make it possible to determine the body compartments crossed by the current and to provide a precise and detailed result of the body composition.

 The current used is of very low intensity. It is completely painless. 

It allows to have a very detailed precision on the following : 

  • Fat mass level
  • Basal metabolism
  • Energy expenditure
  • Skeletal muscle mass of the limbs
  • Metabolic protein level 
  • Active cell mass
  • Hydration rate excluding fat
  • Sodium / potassium water balance
  • Water balance excluding fat
  • Extra-cellular water
  • Intra-cellular water



  • Monitoring during a diet or  a sporting activity
  • Diagnose overhydration / dehydration and undernutrition 
  • Provides a diagnostic assistance as it monitors serious pathologies such as heart failure, renal failure or even cancer.
  • Provides a follow-up of the evolution of the body composition


  • Rs 1,200 – Body Analysis
  • Rs 1,800 – Body Analysis + Personalized Training Program

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