History Time 

Pilates takes its name from Joseph Pilates. A German-born immigrant to Britain and then America, he devised the Pilates method as a new approach to exercise and body-conditioning in the early decades of the last century.

On the outbreak of World War I, the British interned him as a German enemy alien. He used his time as an internee to start developing a new approach to exercise and body-conditioning – the start of what is known today as Pilates.

 ‘lt is the mind itself which builds the body’. ~           J.Pilates


Meet Petra!


Petra is originally from Germany. She has been living in Mauritius for a number of years.

Petra started her Pilates Journey in 2012.

She is fascinated by the Joseph Pilates method and decides to follow all the training courses.

Through Pilates, Petra found her inner strength, balance, and harmony.

Petra became an international Pilates Instructor in 2016. In 2017, she decided to go deeper into Pilates and study the Joseph Pilates method with Romana Pilates (school).

In 2020, Petra is qualified a Romana’s Pilates Instructor.

‘Change happens through movement, and movement heals » Joseph Pilates.

Training Sessions:

Monday:          10 : 15 a.m – 11 : 15   a.m

Wednesday:    9 : 30 a.m – 10 : 30 a.m