Olivier Lafleur: Full time Fitness coach and Gold Medallist at the World Savate Assaut Championships in Austria, 2021!

Savate Boxing

Mauritian Olivier Lafleur wins gold at World Savate Assaut Championships in Austria in the -85kg category. He defeated Slovenian Jemec Matej in the finals where he raised the four-coloured flag high. 

He also won a Bronze medal at the World Combat Championship 2021 .

Olivier Lafleur is also ranked as the 8th Boxing World Champion and has won a silver medal in Martial Arts Olympic Games in 2019.



Besides being a World Champion, Olivier Lafleur is also a fitness coach at Ennoia Sports & Fitness Club , Grand-Baie La Croisette.

His perseverance and discipline has led him to his victory today where hard work pays off.

« Pain is temporary, glory is forever »

Ennoia Corporate Boxing Program

Olivier Lafleur, full of talent, also provides specific Boxing sessions to Corporate groups. The customised program helps in understanding the needs of your employees and motivate them to reach their health goals. A work-life balance is achieved and the productivity is improved.

« Healthier, Happier employees = Increased Revenue »

Read the full article on: https://www.lexpress.mu/article/397291/boxe-francaise-savate-coupe-monde-assaut-lor-pour-lafleur-et-largent-pour-bhantooa


Meet Olivier at Ennoia!

Olivier runs Kickboxing sessions at Ennoia on the following days:

  • Monday- 6:30 p.m 
  • Wednesday – 8:30 a.m and 6:30 p.m
  • Friday – 8:30 a.m