🇬🇧 Ennoia, the real sport! 

Since 2012, Ennoia has offered amazing and high-energy group fitness classes to members of all ages and abilities.

Whether it is a LesMills or a signature Ennoia class, be ready to experience an amazing sensory world full of fun, great music, and a variety of effective moves.

The class, your destination!

Each class has its own specificity, whether it is the intensity level, the part of the body you wish to work on or the objectives you have set yourself.

Our classes have a very special atmosphere driven by the expertise of our coaches on stage who will help you push yourself every time, the night-club inspired lights, the amazing group effect vibes, and the vibrant energy!

Our classes are designed to help you boost your self-confidence and be more comfortable during the sessions.

Updated content

To help you stay motivated and rediscover fitness, every 3 months, the content of our classes is updated with the latest fitness moves. Our coaching team creates new programs and carefully select new trendy music playlists.

Trust us, you will keep coming back for more!
Join the fitness movement [at your own pace] at Ennoia!