In 2021, Ace Tennis, a member of Ennoia has officially teamed up with the tennis brand, Prince.

Established in 1970, Prince is a global sports brand from the USA and is a leading manufacturer of tennis racquets and other sports accessories.

Ace Tennis, established since 2007 in Mauritius, operates in 3 clubs with a team of 10 tennis coaches and 2 physical training instructors.

The tennis schools have over 500 players [kids, teens, and adults] and approximately 500 other players in tennis leisure and performance [Academy].

Our team is always available to provide our players with the best advice in choosing the right Prince racquets depending on their age and level of play.

From tennis racquets, balls, shoes, t-shirts to vibration dampeners, come and discover the range of on-and-off-courts quality products and services [such as racquets strings] available at the Proshop Ennoia.