As a well-established club in Mauritius, Ennoia has become a trendy fitness spot for world champions. From the suggestions of Yohan Quoniam and the kicks of Olivier LaFleur, let’s meet the world champions who choose to train at Ennoia.

Océane Cassignol

The 22-year-old swimming sensation has been crowned world champion in 2017 at the open water swimming event in Austria. For Océane, ‘practice makes perfect’ and during her stay in Mauritius, she always chooses the facilities of Ennoia to perform her training. With the team club supporting her ambitions, she told us that Ennoia encourages her to push through her limits to reach her goals.

Magali Rousseau

The French swimmer recently won the gold medal at the 200 meters of the ‘Super Lifesaver’ at the 2022 World Games. With her hard training regimen and always ensuring to be at the top of her game, Magali is fond of Ennoia. The reason why? The semi Olympic pool at Ennoia is heated between 25 to 27 degrees allowing her to train at all times during her holidays in Mauritius.

Olivier Lafleur

The handsome Mauritian won the gold medal in the -85kg category at the Savate French Boxing World Championship in July 2021. Also ranked 2nd in the World Combat Championships. Olivier, fitness coach at Ennoia, is always ready to throw punches and making you sweat in his cardio boxing classes. If you want to feel like an aspiring boxing world champion, then Ennoia is the right fitness kingdom for you.

Yohan Quoniam

The love story between Yohan and Ennoia started some years back. Now, the disciplined MMA boxer has conquered the world champion title thrice. When asked what he likes about the club, he told us that the energy of Ennoia is different from others and that the atmosphere pushes him to get up, lace his sport shoes and train at the club. ‘If you are looking for a fitness club, then join Ennoia’.

Marine Nicol

Born and raised in Marseilles, Marine first started boxing training at the age of 15. In 2021, she achieved her dream and became world champion in [Savate] French boxing at the age of 24. In 2022, with her amazing ‘Palmares’, Marine decided to set sail for Mauritius. Her next adventure? Joining the team of Ennoia and teaching her boxing techniques to members. For Marine, it is a pleasure for her to be a coach at the club as well as having the chance to train for her next events. You want to kick and jab with Marine? Rendez-vous at Ennoia Grand Baie La Croisette.

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