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Achieve your fitness goals with the right resources, tools and support brought to you the with Ennoia workouts.


  • Specific programs for weight gain, weight loss and body sculpting designed to achieve your goals. Regardless of your level, your weight training program adapts to your personal performance and objectives. Our training focuses on strength, endurance and mobility


  • Watch our express videos and learn how to perform each move in an effective manner to improve your performance and reach your goals faster.

Designed-for-you Training

Because you are unique

  • Muscle gain, weight loss and body sculpting programs specifically designed to reach your goals!
    With tailor-made Ennoia programs available, you will have no excuse to work out. Your journey begins now.


Follow your evolution in detail

  • Make optimal progress by analysing your body data, your performance on each exercise performed. Be proud of your progress!


  • Train each part of your body with every day workouts prepared by the Ennoia team.

Video classes

  • You can break a sweat anywhere anytime with these workout videos prepared by the Ennoia team for all fitness levels and ages. From aerobics videos, strength and resistance videos, Pilates and yoga videos and more.


Your limits are meant to be exceeded

  • Want to compete against other members? Then join the fun, motivating challenges and give your best to climb the podium!.


Your perseverance will be rewarded

  • Train regularly, surpass yourself at every workout, reach your goals and win dozens of badges.






Be coached, guided, and supported