How To Start Your Fitness Journey Off Right?

Smart Start

It is first essential to develop your muscular and cardio-vascular endurance.

During your Smart Start rendez-vous, you will visit training [Cardio – Muscular] zones and understand the use of the equipment. The coach assigned to you will take you in hand right from the beginning and guide you through a personalised training programme.

To safely join the fitness movement


Our certified coaches provide the best and most effective group workouts. You will get to know the content of each class to help you achieve your goals faster.

Know your body better & perform better

Get a full body analysis with eBiody, the Body Composition Analyser. The impedance technology provides information about the human body composition in seconds and helps us to:

  • determine if you need to build more muscle or lose fat
  • devise a precise plan for muscle gain and fat loss in specific areas
  • identify personal long-term health goals

Connected Workouts with your smart phone!

Consult your training program, stay connected with your coach and follow your personalised workout with the Azeoo App.

Thanks to the Azeoo App, you will never be lost in the training zones.

This training app gives you even greater autonomy and efficiency in your efforts.

Speak to us!

Our coaches are always available to supervise, advise and support you in your training. Spot the orange ‘O’ armband.