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Boutique Gym

Boutique Gym

Located in Beau Plan, in the offices of The Strand Lakeside, next to Mahogany Shopping Promenade, Ennoia Boutique Gym offers you a gym 2.0! Discover our new concept by immersing yourself in one of our 3 studios, recovering in our cozy, designer locker rooms and socializing in our lake view lounge.

Our global approach to training for all, our team of qualified and unique coaches and our signature Ennoia Boutique Gym location make it the ideal place and concept to start a regular sport activity. It is also the place to be for all sports enthusiasts and athletes looking to train and improve their performance.



  • Fuel your body with the skills of athletes. Set your heart racing in group classes and choose your favorite programs every day. SkillX gives you the most technologically-advanced, performance-oriented, group training experience possible. It develops multiple components of physical performance for a balanced and complete training profile.
  • Get ready to party on a bike with our big playlists, mesmerizing lighting, and top-notch sound systems. Every Ennoia Ride class combines physical movement, delivering a high-intensity cycling workout that helps tone muscles, generate sweat, and build endurance. Prepare to connect with your bike and ride to the rythm.
  • Come and experience the fully immersive fitness class in Ennoia fitness Studio that you never done before. Discover the Ennoia signature classes, LesMills, Zumba, Yoga or Pilates and many more Fitness Classes! From strength training, cardio, toning to mobility including zen sessions, there is something for everyone. Ready? Feel the beat & the vibe to connect your spirit with your body. Let our unique coaches lead you into the new fitness Boutique Gym Fitness studio experience.
Club Facilities

Club Facilities

Fitness studio

Cycle Studio

SkillX Studio


Private Coaching Servicess

Private Coaching Services


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